Defining moments

Do you remember those moments where you truly connect with something that defines you? Where you see something, or do something, and you think, ‘blereerrgh that’s beyond awesome’. For some friends these moments are things defined by achievement. There was that mountain they climbed, owning their first home, or the first time they held their baby in their arms. For some friends, those moments are more sensual… the moments when you first taste that blend of tea that you know you are always going to adore, or that moment when you look at someone and you realise an new dimension of love, or that moment your body flows like a god and you hit that ball just ever so perfectly. And for some friends those moments are experiential – that awesome concert, that magnificent dinner, that first kiss. (Mickel! Call me!) And for some, the defining moments are more things that happened on the internal landscape, like that time you realised you are far stronger than you think. Powerful emotional landmarks, that may or may not fade with time. Experiential, sensual, emotional, and linked to creation and action, these moments make us who we are, right?

The other day I was flicking through a digital magazine (yes I was using my digital fingers), and quite by chance I landed one a page displaying artwork by Victor Richardson. It completely blew me away. I was absorbed, fascinated, and moved. Something has changed for me. The Earth moved in its orbit… and it wasn’t an entirely a comfortable feeling.

So my moment came when I was looking at this artwork. I went on and researched more art by Victor, and it only got *better*. It was like licking the icing only to discover the cake was even more delicious! And then the cascade of realisations hit me… They went something like this:

Ok, I really like this.
I’m going to learn alot from this, and I’m really looking forward to that.
There’s a new benchmark of beautifulness that I am going to aspire to.
Everything I’ve done so far pales in comparison. (The dawning of humility.)
Wait, is beautifulness a word?
I have a long way to go. (Midmorning of humility.)
Damn my technique is infantile. (Midday of humility, feel the sweltering sun of truth.)

So actually having a ‘major influence’ land on your desk is a mixed experience. On one hand I’m almost too excited to sit still and I’m cursing the fact that my current work load just will not allow me to get into it. And on the other hand, it has made me believe that all the works I’ve done to date are just nowhere near where I want them to be. You know, if I wasn’t trying to solve a problem, then I wouldn’t have realised how beautifully Richardson presents his answer. If I wasn’t trying to do something myself, I would never have realised how graceful his solution is. I wonder whether these moments are always part of the creative process, or if they are more random?

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