I am a web designer**. I live in Bondi, Australia. My hair colour is currently green.

This blog is going to go for exactly one year, and then it’s fate is open to consideration. That’s my commitment to myself, with at least one article per week, maybe two, for one year.

I collect ideas, then impartially remember them, then incorrectly attribute them, before telling people about them over canapes.

As a short summary of my working life, I’d say that I graduated as a designer, got trained by a genius, started working for professional heroes, then started becoming a project manager. Then I decided that being a project manager wasn’t awesomely satisfying enough, so I realigned as a designer and web engineer. I got better and better, started working in the start-up space, with some amazing people, and now I live by the beach with my man, my boy and my cat.

On our balcony, we have cheerful blue flowers.

My professional portfolio is here.

** I’m a designer and a front-end developer

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